Galina Podzolko

Галина Подзолко

Galina Podzolko is a young and confident Russian fashion brand.  The DNA of the brand is revealed by the standard images of the era of femininity and refinement.  The heroine Galina Podzolko does not try on the image - she personifies it.  It is a symbol of elusive beauty, for which it is so enticing to set off in pursuit.

 The GP collections are inspired by the charm of the beautiful Muse: the romantic inhabitant of a megalopolis who tirelessly explores the nature of her own sensuality in the era of high technology and progress.  The heroine, who chooses Galina Podzolko, sees the essence of things and strives for true beauty, harmony between the inner and outer worlds.

 The designer and head of the brand Galina Podzolko is a graduate of the Omsk Institute of Service.  Aware of her own destiny and following the dream, she began to create collections at the lower courses of the Institute.  Commercial success came in 2004 after the founding of the Legali`z brand with the context of "legalizing clothing that is in trend."

 The moment of birth of the brand Galina Podzolko coincided with the relocation of the founder to Moscow.  GP aesthetics, embodied in the author's models, turned out to be consonant with the tastes of metropolitan it-girls.

 Thanks to the combination of a unique cut, author's patterns and the outstanding quality of Italian fabrics, exclusive collections were born.  Dresses, skirts and jackets from Galina Podzolko adorn the instagrams of domestic and European celebrities, actresses and stars of show business.  Models simultaneously conquer with comfort, excellent fit and bright personality.

 Any images are a reflection of the personality and attitude of the designer who created them.  The brand Galina Pozolko fully complies with the fashion canons - together with the founder it changes and develops, leaving the main message “Be womanly every moment of your life” unchanged.

 “To understand your vocation is happiness.  I managed.  When I became a designer, I felt that I was standing on the first step, and in front of me I had a long and fascinating way, where I could devote myself to pure creativity.”

 It is quite natural that today the brand Galina Podzolko is not the same as it was yesterday, as well as tomorrow it will not be the same as it is now.  Its concept becomes more expressive and multifaceted, but femininity and style will always be the common denominator in this formula.

“ I don’t have to look for inspiration.  I can lose track of time when I see the fabrics and feel their texture.  One glance at a stylish girl is enough to create the night away and create her new fantastic image.  The shows of favorite designers and fashion weeks also charge with their energy for long weeks.

 It is difficult to imagine a designer without a crystal dream.  Or even two.  I dream of the moment when I can go headlong into pure creativity and express my inner Universe in new unexpected images.  It will be an exclusive collection, unlike the others and at the same time having an invisible connection with them.”

Galina Podzolko © 2014