Principles of Education

Kristina Levieva

 I was lucky, I ended up in two schools, which are more like a brand for Russia and Moscow.  If you studied at MGIMO and the 20th school (now school number 1239), it means there is definitely potential!  I believe that it is absolutely not necessary to get an education in the area in which you plan to work. It is so In my case at least.  I studied as a journalist, now I understand that if it were possible to return time back, I would go to economics or philology.  However, I remember at the institute a course of lectures on foreign literature that  was given to us by Professor Vyazemsky (the host of the show "Clever Girls and Clever Boys").  By the time of study, I had already read almost all the works from his list, but he turned out to be such a unique person with a very special, sometimes even controversial teaching style and views on life in general, that I immediately wanted to reread everything.  I even remember my beloved, Shakespeare, read thousand of times, after Vyazemsky's lectures in general, he opened from an unexpected angle.  Studying in Russia or abroad is an eternal argument.  In my opinion, the main thing is not where you study, but how.  A year at the University of Madrid "Complutense" gave me a  perfect knowledge of Spanish, although after five years of work on Channel One, it only came in handy to me a couple of times.  If you plan to live and work in Russia, our education is more than enough.

Karina Arutyunova

 I have three higher education: two bachelor and one master.  I got a second bachelor and specialist in London. I am very pleased.  Studying abroad opens up other horizons and opportunities for meeting new people.  In my opinion, it is not necessary to get an education in the specialty.  I have been a fan of fashion since I was 13, but I did not want an education in this area.  Courses and lectures - yes, I went and went for everything.  However, in the profession of a buyer, personal taste is very important, and at the Institute this is not particularly taught.  I have a specialty "International Marketing and Business" and for me this is the best solution.  If suddenly it did not work out with fashion, I could apply in many areas, and, having a degree in fashion, it is difficult to get into a business structure.  At the same time, I am only for a foreign education, if it is not in the area of ​​exact sciences or IT.

Alana Kuznetsova

I am a marketer by specialty.  Unfortunately, I did not succeed in trying myself in this profession, because shortly after graduation I got married and had a child.  But I have big plans for the future and I am sure that the knowledge I got will definitely come in handy.  In my opinion, higher education is necessary in any case.  This is the necessary basis that allows you to further obtain special knowledge in any field.  Personally, in the process of learning I became more disciplined, learned to set goals, tasks and achieve them.  In my opinion, education in Russia and abroad is fundamentally different.  In Russia, more academic education and knowledge give more in theory than in practice.  Abroad, the formation of a highly specialized focus and practice devote more time and attention.  So, each person is free to choose which approach is closer to him.

Olya Kalaeva

 I graduated from the Faculty of Sociology, “Marketing” at Moscow State University.  My education gave a partial understanding of what I want to do.  By the end of the 1st year it became clear that I would never conduct polls, as well as study the problems of society.  But marketing and advertising is mine!  Knowing what you want is the most valuable thing, so I can say that studying at the University has played an important role in my life.  The surrender of complex disciplines gave me an understanding that nothing is impossible.  Naturally, it is very important to study in the specialty, if you are a doctor, lawyer or pilot.  But everything is easier with the human sciences.  It is true that any education gives you an outlook, a skill of self-learning, the ability to think and draw conclusions.  Education in our country and abroad has two completely different approaches, so I think that everyone should choose for himself, to each his own.

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