Facets of Success


Today the main role in achieving success is played by a complex of personal qualities.  I achieved my goals through strategy, flexibility, charisma.  I think our society got rid of the stereotype that the main mission of a woman is to create a family.  Nowadays, the principles of personal happiness come to the fore and understanding of it is unique for everyone.  In my opinion, a woman should have her own goals.  Every person, including a woman, must be strong.  It makes her really beautiful.


For me, femininity is the presence of the qualities of character and traits of appearance that make me a woman.  For example, lightness, tenderness, flexibility (but being flexible does not mean not having principles).  Women should have personal goals.  The more versatile a woman is, the more interesting she is.  There are many myths, stereotypes and prejudices in this world.  But everyone alone with himself answers one simple and at the same time difficult question: what exactly do I want?  If this is the birth of children and this is the main goal in life, then why not?  But what's good for one doesn't work for another.  Therefore, to each his own.  But the path of success is always thorny, regardless of gender.


The success of a woman is determined by a large number of factors than the success of men.  In the modern world, we not only have to get married and have children, but also to realize in a profession that, in my opinion, is very difficult to unite. We all have goals that we are trying to achieve.  My family helped me in achieving my goals. It was my relatives who brought up a strong personality in me, hardened my character, and gave me a decent education.  I am grateful to my family and friends for support and faith in me, for their immense love


In our days it is critically important to have personal aspirations. A woman without a purpose quickly ceases to be interesting for men. After I stopped trying to meet the expectations of others and focused on my own dreams  I have achieved the desired. I believe that it is much easier for a woman to achieve success. However, the main mission of the woman is a family. It is worth noting that women easily cope with multitasking, and in addition to the main mission, there must be others, among them is self – realization. But we should not rush into extremes. You should think aboabout the eternal, about what will remain after women. And this is not a business, but her children.

Galina Podzolko © 2014