What I live, so and inspired

You have recently released a very feminine spring collection.  What are your plans for the fall?

Create something absolutely unbelievable.  Especially beautiful.  I would like to hit the fans with a magnificent collection and so that everyone can find their object of desire. In my plans to gain success and popularity, which now has Gucci.  We are really ambitious and determined to achieve our goals.  For each collection, I create a new image and a new concept.  For the spring collection we used large sequins, it turned out unusually beautiful. In fact, it combines two ideas: a spring flower with a sport like polo. Therefore, contrasting edges and polo dresses with embroidered flowers appeared in the collection. For the autumn-winter season, I plan to focus on the combination of textures - say, silk and velvet, light transparency and fleecy softness, as well as many, many other materials.


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