Brain or Beauty

Irina Chaykovskaya

A beautiful woman is surely well-groomed.  If God gave the woman beauty, but she did not save her - it is very sad.  Definitely, an intelligent woman has a rich life experience and uses it right away at the right moment.  The opinion that beauties are stupid is just an old stereotype.  I know a lot of beautiful and intelligent women as well as I know ugly, very smart and happy.  It is hard to achieve anything without the brain but for a beauty only.  I am absolutely sure of that!

Alyona Chekhova

 First of all, an intelligent woman has an inner core (inner strength), she likes herself.  Surprisingly, but it is a fact: the confidence of a woman like a magnet attracts people, they want to communicate with her and learn something new, unwittingly admiring her and her beauty.  The ability to remain silent in time is an important quality for an intelligent woman.  There must be a balance in everything: having stated his position, it is important to listen to the companion, and sometimes, first listen, and then add something of your own.  An intelligent and strong woman is not shy to show weakness, if circumstances so require, and besides, she is always attentive to details.  Such a woman takes care of herself to please herself and others.  Beauty itself is a relative concept, because people have different tastes, and that woman who seems beautiful to one man may not seem that way to another.  But a charming women (regardless of her appearance ) will be beautiful for all men.

Vita Ivanova

A beautiful woman is well-groomed, athletic, purposeful, energetic, with a smile on her face and positive energy!  Of course, she is sociable, interesting in communication and striving for development.  In my opinion, a smart woman is one that can support any conversation, she listens and gives practical advices if necessary.  She does not commit stupid acts, it is not peculiar to her.  She absorbs information as a sponge from all sides and draws conclusions about what is good and what is bad.  Without stepping on her own rake, she continues to build her life, learning from the mistakes of others.  I believe that internal charisma is most important in a woman, but at the same time in a well-groomed shell. They can make a beauty out of every woman, and the beauty is different.  I am "FOR" the inner core, for the sincere kindness of the soul, for understanding and believing in loved ones - for me this is the Beautiful Smart Woman!

Galina Podzolko © 2014